Thursday, 31 January 2008


Owh, at last... 30th Jan 2008, i found some stain in my panties...& a little bit contraction...

I felt every contraction, rip and tear as I opted out of meds. I was in hard labor for 4 hours and finally my water suddenly broke -truthfully I can tell you how it was as I still remember the bad stuff.

When the room full of people (nurses&doc) screaming "PUSH! PUSH" alhamdulillah praise to god, I have given birth to a healthy baby boy weighing 3.1kg ( 31 jan 2008-thursday) - early 2 weeks from the due date. @ 12.31pm. Normal delivery @ Damansara Damai Medical Centre.

As soon as the baby was out, the happiness was priceless, I felt I have achieved something really big & my life is completed. But in a deep inside my heart, i cant believed that i managed to delivered a baby & i'm become a mummy! "The nightmare begin..." said my cousin. hhehehehe

The name given by my hubby "AIREL RAYYAN REEFQI BIN ANIS NURHANAN".

The first thing when I was looking at my baby, my mind said, "buruknya baby aku, apsal muka dia mcmni?" hahahaha.. i'm a bad mummy.

Sunday, 6 January 2008


Honeymoon kat PD 5-6 jan 2008.

Perut aku tgh besar nih.. due 14/02, tapi mcm dah tak larat je... gi PD la yg paling dekat dgn kL.. nk swimming la katakan. Duduk kat Bayu Beach Resort.. yg bestnya kat sini is pantai dia.. pantai dia landai & selamat, bila pijak lega je kaki, tak mcm beach2 lain kat PD bila pijak je sakit kaki, byk batu & serpihan karang yg dah mati...

balik esoknya singgah muzium perang..takut plak masa pegi underground tunnel tu.. rasa seram.

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