Thursday, 31 January 2008


Owh, at last... 30th Jan 2008, i found some stain in my panties...& a little bit contraction...

I felt every contraction, rip and tear as I opted out of meds. I was in hard labor for 4 hours and finally my water suddenly broke -truthfully I can tell you how it was as I still remember the bad stuff.

When the room full of people (nurses&doc) screaming "PUSH! PUSH" alhamdulillah praise to god, I have given birth to a healthy baby boy weighing 3.1kg ( 31 jan 2008-thursday) - early 2 weeks from the due date. @ 12.31pm. Normal delivery @ Damansara Damai Medical Centre.

As soon as the baby was out, the happiness was priceless, I felt I have achieved something really big & my life is completed. But in a deep inside my heart, i cant believed that i managed to delivered a baby & i'm become a mummy! "The nightmare begin..." said my cousin. hhehehehe

The name given by my hubby "AIREL RAYYAN REEFQI BIN ANIS NURHANAN".

The first thing when I was looking at my baby, my mind said, "buruknya baby aku, apsal muka dia mcmni?" hahahaha.. i'm a bad mummy.

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bla bla said...

hehehe normal la baby baru keluar dari perut mmg muka mcm iteww. Dah besar pasti comel. Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS!

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