Sunday, 3 May 2009


As any parent knows the first few weeks of birth are a little crazy,,, but the smiles and love on their faces show how much its all worth it.

This little one arrived a little later than expected (NOT same like his older bro -2week early)

but it was one of the easiest newborns I’ve ever had (cehh, mcm dah 10 kali beranak..ekeke).
It was so fun meeting the newborn baby (name not decide yet) and I can’t wait to go home & rest with baby (confinement lorr!)

Looking forward to watching him grow over the next year! I will enjoy a moment watch my 2 lil prince growing up together.

We are the prouds parent of 3.1kg luvly healthy baby boy at 9.03am! (boy againn??!!)-this is the common word always heard from relatives... its not a big deal... all that really matters is having a healthy baby would be fine for me. I didn't care about gender. Accept the gift from Allah.

Here my newborn baby on the blog…isn’t he adorable!

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nadia said...

owhh... fresh from labour room adorable...lamanya i dah tak cium bau baby.

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